Maciek niszczy system w RPA!

Maciek niszczy system w RPA!

03/01/2015 Boardseeker Magazine

It’s that time of the year when us Euro’s get to be totally jealous of everyone heading south for the winter, in some cases people are already returning from some epic trips, one such person is Maciek Rutkowski who scored 21 days out of 22 with wind in SA. Over to Rutkowski for a little more about his trip and his latest edit.

“Kak means shit in Afrikaans. They use it for absolutely everything and every second sentence. So it’s not that I think this edit is shit, the word just stuck and I love the sound of it. It’s so much more playful than “shit” or “crap”. And that’s what this trip was about for me. Playing. After a long racing season I needed to reset and do a bit of wavesailing, also to try to decide wether I should continue a competitve path in that discipline, which I started sort of by mistake. I didn’t really find the answer in Cape Town, but what I did find was tons of fun and 21 days on the water on a 22 day trip. No better way to end 2014!”
 – Rutkowski

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