4 hours ago
Arrived!! 🙌🏼 you think I brought enough gear? 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️ travellinglight
5 days ago
Last couple trainings before getting back to the water!! The Force is strong...

Jedi training feb 2019

11 Feb.
Gdynia!! WINDSURFLIFE is coming to you!! Friday, 19.00 at Dasea People. See you there! 🤙🏼
10 Feb.
WINDSURFLIFE Warsaw premiere was a blast!! 💣💥 thanks DJI Academy and everyone that showed up! 🙏🏼See you in Gdynia this weekend! 🤙🏼
05 Feb.
15 lutego zamyka się preorder na te wyścigowe maszyny!! Nie śpimy, zamawiamy!! www.x3m-team.pl albo mogę przekazać ;) Ceny Challenger Sails Aero 9+ w preorderze wg rozmiaru (brutto): 5,6 2500 6,2 2550 7,0 2600 7,8 2700 8,6 2800 9,4 2900
03 Feb.
W piątek 8 lutego w DJI Academy w Warszawie pokaże przedpremierowo 2 odcinki mojej nowej serii WINDSURFLIFE (oba z Hawajów) i bardzo chętnie odpowiem na wszystkie pytania oraz... w sumie niech to będzie niespodzianka ;) Zapraszam serdecznie!! Widzimy się? Szczegóły: https://web.facebook.com/events/2041130162649226/ P.S. Wkrótce ogłosimy podobny evencik w Trójmieście, cobyście po śniegu nie dymali niepotrzebnie 😄
31 Jan.
Excited with my new project: WINDSURFLIFE. It's basically a vlog series about every aspect of my life as a pro windsurfer and beyond. Starting from riding Jaws (yup, that will be the first episode!), to everyday adventures! It premieres at the March 1, but i'll show the 2 first episodes in Warsaw very soon. More details here: https://web.facebook.com/events/2041130162649226/

#WINDSURFLIFE Teaser - new vlog series by Maciek Rutkowski

30 Jan.
Now thats a proper throwbackThrusday and a proper 10yearchallenge!! 😄 Those were the days... 🙈

Anno Domini 2008 - Throwback Polish Windsurfing

30 Jan.
Next level shhhhii... 😈🤫
28 Jan.
Super productive 7 days in Tenerife have come to an end 🙌🏼. Stoked with how the Challenger Sails foil project is going! 🚀 can’t wait to come back here in 2 weeks to continue the race preparations!! 💪🏻
24 Jan.
Arrived in Tenerife and straight into R&D mode with @challengersails team. Here discussing with master designer @badialiclaudio and @martinibruno160 how to make this machine of a foilsail even faster 🚀🚀
21 Jan.
„Cold is your warm friend” ~Wim Hof. “Why go to a cryochamber when you live by the Baltic? 🤷🏼‍♂️” ~Me 🥶
20 Jan.
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I'm super excited to finally announce that my new board sponsor will be FMX Racing! I couldn't be happier to be a part of this newborn brand whose focus on performance totally overlaps with my drive to continue getting better as a racer. I'm pretty sure Finian is the best racing designer at the moment and after trying the boards I have 100% confidence that they will help me to get to the next level! So stoked! Here's a couple words from the man running the show, Finian Maynard: "FMX Racing is proud to have Maciek Rutkowski (POL-23) join the international team! After closely watching Maciek’s progress the last few years it became clear that the ability to compete at a world-class level in both slalom and foil is an invaluable skill set that we are really looking forward to being showcased during this new competition season. Maciek will also be involved with the development of the products and we are all motivated to keep evolving the collection as we move forward together." more: www. fmxracing.com
18 Jan.
10yearchallenge 2009-2019
17 Jan.
Floor is lava (and my foot is burned) 🐒

Floor is lava

15 Jan.
Mimo, że finał GOCC za nami, w dalszym ciągu można licytować dzień na wodzie ze mną, zakończony wspólnym żarełkiem. Będzie fajnie, zapraszam serdecznie!

Kup Voucher - lekcja windsurfingu z M. Rutkowskim na Aukcje WOŚP

Aukcje Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy - licytuj przedmioty i wspieraj fundację Aukcje Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy!

13 Jan.
🙏🏼 🇵🇱

10 Jan.
tbt to one month ago already! Time flies but Hawaiian memories stay fresh forever. 🙌
07 Jan.