name: Maciek Rutkowski
age: 26
height: 184cm / 6’1’’
weight: 89kg / 195lbs
nationality: Polish
home Town Słupsk
residence: travelling 10 mts a year
occupation: Professional Windsurfer
sailnumber: POL-23
windsurfed since: 1997
pro since: 2013
disciplines: Slalom, Foil, Wave
favourite spot: Western Australia, Chile
favourite trick: Winning
youth world
3rd European
polish national


pwa world cup foil race winner japan 2018
2nd pwa world cup foil new caledonia 2017

2x youth world champion (ifca 2010 and pwa 2012)
youth european champion 2009
2x junior world champion (2006, 2007)
2x u15 world champion (2004, 2005)

3rd euro-cup 2015
euro-cup croatia winner
ifca grand prix latvia winner
2x top5 ifca world championships
ifca world rankings leader since 2013

highest pwa world tour rank foil: 5 (november 2017)
highest pwa world tour rank slalom: 8 (may 2018)


15x polish national champion
undeafeted in slalom since 2011
skatesurfing polish champion 2009
indoor polish champion 2014
first pole to ride jaws (november 2018)
13th December 1981 is a date Polish people don’t remember very fondly. A Russian-puppet prime minister called national state of war, putting troops onto the streets of every major Polish city. Exactly 10 years after, that in a hospital in Slupsk, North Poland, an almost 5kg boy was born and named Maciej.
Already in the late 80s a passionate sailor Wojciech Rutkowski built his first windsurf board. Naturally the passion had to be forwarded to his sons – older Leszek and younger Maciek. Nobody really remembers the exact moment Maciek stood foot on a windsurfer for the first time, but it must have been around the age of 6.
Maciek and Leszek attend Brzozowski family’s summer windsurf camp for the first time. Wojtek won the first Formula World title in 1999 and Marian, his father was coaching him and a group of other competitors. How was he convinced to take not even 10 years old Maciek and 14 years old Leszek on board, til this day remains a mystery.
As the youngest noted rookie ever, Maciek competes in the PWA World Cup held in Leba, Poland. He’s 11 years and 8 months old.
Before his 15th birthday Rutkowski wins his first Junior (under 17) World Championship title in Belgium. That year he also changes his sailnumber to POL-23, after one of his greatest idols Micheal Jordan.
When most of his classmates are focused on finishing middle school and exploring teenage pleasures, Maciek wins 10 out of 12 races and gets his second Junior World title. When he returns to school he not only has to catch up, but also explain the teachers why the hell does he always come back so happy and tanned.
For the whole season Maciek never puts away his camera. As a result by the end of the year the first feature-length polish windsurfing film is released. On the wave “Anno Domini 2008”’s success, he starts Globetrotter Entertainment – a small video production company. That same year he advances to the Youth (under 20) category and things get a lot harder on the racecourse. In December in Peru he looses a podium spot of the World Championships in the last race.
The Youth World Champion title escapes Maciek by one point, but once he gets a lead in the European version he never lets go of it and claims his first international Youth title. In December in a coast town of Rowy, with -13 degrees outside, over a 100 guests sing “happy birthday” to the 18-year old Rutkowski. After that night Rowy will never be the same, they say…
Maciek’s parents decide, that due to his school finishing exams he will not leave for any kind of winter training that year. As a result he goes to the Youth Worlds in April unprepared. After the penultimate day of racing he’s in 8th with only mathematical chances to win, specially that the forecasters give slim chances for wind. An hour before last possible start it does materialize, Rutkowski seizes the opportunity and miraculously wins the event. A month after that he passes his A-levels in English, Math and Geography and get accepted into Kozminski Univeristy – the country’s best school of management and economics. After that he goes to Costa Brava for his first “real” PWA World Tour event. The road ahead proves to be still very long as he finishesthe event in 52nd place.
Maciek and a group of friends spend the 2 winter months in South Africa. On March 30th 700 people gathers in Warsaw to see the motion picture from that trip. “Polish South Africa: Vengeance”, with it’s mini-plot and hardcore humor is, until this day, one of the most watched Globetrotter Entertainment videos. At the end of the year he lifts up the trophy for the PWA Youth World Title – for the seasons best competitor under 23 years of age.
The young athlete is facing a choice – try to continue sharing his time between windsurfing and studying or focus on one of them. He decides to take the professional path and spends the whole winter and spring training. In may he climbs the top5 of the IFCA World Championships and takes the IFCA World Rankings lead. In June he beats his own personal best and takes 12th place at PWA Costa Brava. In August he wins Grand Prix Latvia in front of 9-times World Champ Steve Allen. On September 1st, playing basketball with friends, Maciek lands ankwardly and rips 3 ligaments in his ankle. Although he does finish the season in Sylt, his injured ankle is far from 100% and pushes him down to finishing 30th in the PWA overall rankings for the year.
The season starts with two less-then-average results in Spain and Turkmenistan, but already at the 3rd stop in Fuerteventura, the most prestigious World Tour stop, Maciek proves his aspirations weren’t a fluke and matches his personal best, 12th. He finishes the year within the top16 – the first Pole to ever do so and the youngest rider to do so since Pierre Mortefon in 2009. In the meantime the biggest indoor windsurfing event ever takes place in Warsaw. Maciek finishes the international event in a rather disappointing 15th place, but wins the national one with ease, adding an 11th national title to his scoreline.
ulsan, korea
pwa world cup
slalom / foil
miura kaigan, japan
pwa world cup
costa brava / spain
pwa world cup
texel, the netherlands
ifca world championships
la tranche, france
ifca european championships
gizzeria lido, italy
pwa world cup
fuerteventura / canary islands
pwa grand slam
bol / croatia
ifca grand prix
hvide sande, denmark
pwa world cup
sylt / germany
pwa grand slam
nouvelle caledonie
pwa world cup
Claims he’s shy, but nobody ever confirmed that. Speaks 5 languages, swears in 9 and over the years gathered over 20 nicknames. He designed a clothing line, commentated a basketball game on TV and directed the first videoclip of a polish popstar Sarsa. He also does music with the UNDADASEA artist as well as solo act and a DJ. He jokes that he has a black soul, but actually is a big rock fan. His big3 are the Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam (not neccesarily in that order). Reads fast, eats slow, but a lot. Writes columns and eventhough he never got his univerisity degree, he gave a lecture in the most renowned polish economy school, SGH.  Likes unconventional stuff and in the idols category he lists as many sports people as inventors, artists or businessman. Biggest windsurfing and basketball fan, spends almost all his free time playing the latter, which brings his people to the edge of fury. Loves snoboarding, but didn’t see snow for over 5 years. That’s when he bought a guitar, but still didn’t learn to play. Even claims he’ll write a book someday. Stagedives every time he has the opportunity, although didn’t say how many times he got caught and how many times not. Winning his first Youth World Title he stumbled while climbing the podium and the first prizemoney he ever won he spent entirely on… Haribos.